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 Large assemblies
 Melibiose permease
 Membrane proteins
 Prostaglandin E2 synthase




Structural studies by the use of cryoEM can be divided into several steps from production of suitable specimens to analysis using image processing tools. The following equipment is available:

  • Labs well equipped for molecular biology and protein chemistry work
  • Equipment for producing EM specimens, for instance a carbon evaporator and a plunge freezing device.
  • An FEI 120 kV electron microscope with several cryo holders
  • A JEOL 3000SFF electron microscope with a liquid helium cooled specimen stage (This microscope is located at our affiliated lab in Lund, 4 hours from the CSB lab).
  • Tietz CCD cameras attached to the microscopes.
  • Dark room facilities for film handling.
  • An optical bench for quick evaluation of films.
  • A Zeiss SCAI scanner.
  • Computers and software for processing both crystal data (MRC package) and images of single particles (Spider, EMAN).

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